Coral reefs need specific conditions to survive, and have been coping with many natural obstacles such as floods, hurricanes, diseases and changes in currents for millions of years. But now, there are additional threats from human activities, and the health of coral reefs is rapidly deteriorating.


The last sequence of Ocean wonderland 3D shows a field of dead coral, illustrating the result of the many dangers threatening and destroying the world’s coral reefs. Sewage, industrial waste, pollution, destructive fishing practices, overfishing, careless tourism and deforestation are some of the man-made elements that threaten the health of our reefs. in addition, our massive energy consumption is altering the planet's climate - and warming up the oceans. The widespread bleaching and dying-off of corals over the last few years has been linked to climate change and global warming.


One silent victim is the coral. Too warm and too dirty, the waters becolme their grave.

The message is clear: Today the health of coral reefs is rapidly deteriorating, and unabated human activity could mean the death of most of our coral reefs within 50 years!.


If these threats are not eliminated, the health of our planet is in jeopardy.