The ocean is the natural environment for millions of species. But an array of human activities is threatening these riches and today more than three quarters of our oceans are overexploited.


There are simply too many people trying to fish in the ocean, and over-fishing upsets the balance of the entire ecosystem.

Some of the most popular fish to eat are groupers, snappers and jacks - you see lots of them in Ocean wonderland 3D - but there are many reefs in the world where you’d be lucky to see one! In a few places, especially in the Caribbean and Florida, so many fish have been taken that the entire ecosystem is unbalanced.


Furthermore, some fishermen use explosives to catch fish. By creating a massive blast they kill all the fish over a wide area. The blast also destroys the coral. It takes years for the reef to recover and fishermen will unwittingly destroy the conditions necessary to sustain fish for future generations.

There is therefore an urgent need to protect our oceans from over-exploitation, and to create safe havens for marine habitats and life forms to recover.