Pollution, destructive fishing practices, insensitive development, careless tourism and deforestation are some of the modern human activities that threaten the health of the reefs.

We know the problems, and we have many of the solutions.

Modern man, who threatens coral reefs' existence, must become their defender.

Around the globe many organizations such as the UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme), WWF, ICRAN, Project AWARE and PADI are already raising awareness and working together to improve the health of our oceans.

Individuals from all over the world are joining these organizations; divers and fishermen are helping to clean up the reefs; and fishermen are learning to fish more sustainably.

Together we can all ensure a brighter future for coral reefs and the millions of creatures that live beneath the waves.

For ourselves and future generations we need to help save the coral reefs and preserve this Ocean wonderland.